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"Marguerite Mobile Mahjong" Released!

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Producer of Marguerite Site is so happy to announce that Marguerite Mobile Mahjong, a web application of mahjong in HTML5 for smartphones and tables is released.

Producer created Marguerite Fla-Jong, a mahjong application in Flash, but Flash is not supported on smartphones and tablets, so Producer had to create its substitute in HTML5.

Marguerite Mobile Mahjong has already been created, but it had still described only in Japanese.

Now English mode has been added to Marguerite Mobile Mahjong as well as Marguerite Fla-Jong since Version 4.200.

English mode of both Marguerite Mobile Mahjong and Marguerite Fla-Jong support:

Try Marguerite Mobile Mahjong now!

Let's play "Marguerite Mobile Mahjong" now!

Producer of Marguerite Site also has been working transportation of codes of Marguerite Fla-Jong to HTML5.

He expects that the work will be completed in the end of March of 2017, at earliest.