Neko-Miko-Mikachan at a Shrine on One Raining Weekend of Autumn (Oct. 11, 2015)

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It was rainy in the City of Saitama Today.

This is an illustration of

one of Producer's original featured characters at the shrine where she serves in the raining afternoon of one weekend of October.

An image of Neko-Miko-Mikachan.

Neko-Miko-Mikachan is now in her off-hours and now she is taking a piece of yokan, a bean-jam jelly as an afternoon snack.

Neko-Miko-Mikachan is a derivative of Mikachan, one of Producer's original featured character.

When Producer of Marguerite Site heard the name of Neko-Miko-Reimu (ねこ巫女れいむ, cat-eared shrine maiden, HAKUREI Reimu), an arranged work of Touhou Project, he thought that Neko-Miko-Mikachan sound more pleasant than Neko-Miko-Reimu, then he added cat ears to Mikochan serving as a shrine maiden, and it is the origin of Neko-Miko-Mikachan.

On the other hand, Mikachan is modern style thought by Producer of a typical representative of a class of junior high school in 1970-1980s.

In those days, a braided schoolgirl with her eyeglasses was taken as the typical style of a representative of a class of junior high school, and he created Mikachan as modern style of such schoolgirls, with her contact lenses instead of her eyeglasses.