November 21, 2016(1)

Scribbling of HORIKITA Maki Usagi in the raining evening (Nov. 21, 2016)

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It was so cold and was raining all day in the City of Saitama, the residence of Producer of Marguerite Site today, so he could not go out for covering materials for his works.

Here is an illustration of

  • HORIKITA Maki Usagi, a rabbit woman student with origin in HORIKITA Maki-chan, one of Japan's most popular young actresses and Producer's mai waifu,

one of Producer's original featured characters going home after lectures in the raining evening of the end of November.

An image of HORIKITA Maki Usagi in the raining evening (Nov. 21, 2016).

Producer of Marguerite Site wished to publish the picture above as an animated GIF image, but he did not have enough time to do.

He has drawn only his character looking straight ahead or profiles of his characters today, but he had not drawn profiles of his characters until 2011.

When HORIKITA Maki-chan appeared ad clips of contact lens solutions of Bausch & Lomb Japan in 2011, he created his first work of profiles of his characters, .

Also, he retook the video in September of 2016, he also added a joke clip, HORIKITA Maki Usagi's Contact Lens are too Large...?, due to an episode of Gag Manga Biyori(ギャグマンガ日和), a famous gag manga, by MASUDA Kosuke.

The video was created originally as a joke clip of A Video of HORIKITA Maki Usagi: a Fictional Ad Clip of "MyTear CL", Whose Original Clip Broadcasted in 1980.

But Producer thought the anime clip of Bausch & Lomb Japan is more suitable for the original clip of the joke clip than one of the fictional ad clip of MyTear CL, sop he recreated the joke clip.

And it is why the background and the costume of HORIKITA Maki Usagi are not of the original clip but of the fictional ad clip of "MyTear CL".