Scribbling of HORIKITA Rabbit Sisters, HORIKITA Maki Usagi & a rabbit girl in the afternoon of the beginning of November (Nov. 7, 2017)

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Here is an illustration of HORIKITA Rabbit Sisters,

  • HORIKITA Maki Usagi, a rabbit woman student with origin in HORIKITA Maki-chan, one of Japan's most popular young actresses and Producer's mai waifu,
  • and a rabbit girl, a schoolgirl of one junior high school and a younger sister of HORIKITA Maki Usagi,

both of Producer's original featured characters in the afternoon of the beginning of November.

The image of "HORIKITA Rabbit Sisters, HORIKITA Maki Usagi & a rabbit girl in the afternoon of the beginning of November (Nov.  7, 2017)".

It has been so fine and slightly warm today in the City of Saitama, the residence of Producer of Marguerite Site.

But it has been already in late autumn, so all trees lining roads around his residence have yellow leaves, ready to fall.

The rabbit girl usually arrives at home after school earlier than HORIKITA Maki Usagi, because she does not have any club activity after school.

But HORIKITA Maki Usagi in the picture above left campus for home earlier than usual, because her last lecture of the day was cancelled.

So HORIKITA Maki Usagi met the younger sister on her way to home, so now HORIKITA Maki Usagi is going home together with the rabbit girl.

It is in the afternoon of the end of autumn, so the bottom of the sky has been already orange in the picture above.

Here is today's republished work, HORIKITA Maki Usagi & the Younger Sister in the Morning of Citizens' Day of Saitama Prefecture, Japan, an illustration of HORIKITA Maki Usagi and the rabbit girl, her younger sister drawn on November 14th of 2016, Citizens' Day of Saitama Prefecture.

On this day, all public elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools in Saitama Prefecture cancel all lessons.

But no university in Saitama Prefecture cancel any lectures on this day.

The rabbit girl is a schoolgirl of one municipal junior high school of the City of Saitama, so she does not need to go to school on this day, so she is now leaving home for playing after she wore her contact lens.

On the other hand, HORIKITA Maki Usagi is a woman student of a national university, so she has to go to campus for lectures even on this day.

When the rabbit school is leaving home, she finds HORIKITA Maki Usagi, her elder sister, leaving for campus.