KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, in a series of holidays of May, during so-called "Golden Week" (May 4, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • KAMINE Ayaka (上根綾香), a character of Tsure×dure Children(徒然チルドレン), a series of manga by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya (若林稔弥).

It is the work of KAMINE Ayaka after school on the day before a series of four holidays in so-called "Golden Week", a series of holiday of Japan between the end of April and the beginning of May.

The image of 'KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, in a series of holidays of May, during so-called "Golden Week" (May  4, 2018)'.

For students, they had to go to school on May 1st and May 2nd, 2018 due to weekday between two series of holiday.

The picture is of KAMINE Ayaka on May 2nd, 2018, on the day before the latter series of four holidays, between May 3rd and May 6th.

KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above is now at her room after school and is taking off her tie of her sailor blouse, her school uniform, before changing her cloth to her plain cloth.

It seems that KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above looks forward the series of four holidays.

KAMINE Ayaka has so poor eyesight that she has to optimize her eyesight with her contact lens but many contact lens users remove their contact lens after arrival at home.

So someone may remove his/her contact lens before changing cloth, but KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above above has not removed her contact lens yet.

  • In fact, there is KAMINE Ayaka's soft contact lens in each of her eyes in the picture above.

It is because Producer of Marguerite Site has never seen KAMINE Ayaka with her eyeglasses since WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, the author of Tsure × dure Children, published Contact Lens (コンタクト), the sixteenth episode but the first episode of KAMINE Ayaka, published in June of 2015, so Producer of Marguerite Site does not have any idea what eyeglass she wears at home.

  • In fact, many characters who wears officially contact lens keep wearing her contact lens in manfas or animes.

Producer of Marguerite Site wishes to create works of KAMINE Ayaka who is too conscious aof Goda (剛田), her future boyfriend sitting next to her at the homeroom.

In the episode of Contact Lens, KAMINE Ayaka tells her affection to Goda.

The episode is published in June but Goda in the episode wore winter cloth which is assigned to wear within May, so the episode may be of KAMINE Ayaka and Goda in the end of May.

Whenver KAMINE Ayaka can not read the blackboard at a lesson, Goda shows her his notebook, so KAMINE Ayaka will begin to be conscious of him sooner or later.