KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, with rabbit-ears (Mar. 28, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • KAMINE Ayaka (上根綾香), a character of Tsure×dure Children(徒然チルドレン), a series of manga by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya (若林稔弥).

It is the work of KAMINE Ayaka with rabbit-ears, for a change.

The image of 'KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, with rabbit-ears (Mar. 28, 2018)'.

It is also due to "animal ears" was the given subject on February 28th, 2018 by pixiv, Japan's most popular illustration-sharing website.

Producer of Marguerite Site could not make up his mind to choose rabbit-ears or cat-ears for KAMINE Ayaka, but he likes rabbit-eared girls rather than cat-eared girl; he has created HORIKITA Maki Usagi (堀北真希うさぎ) as one of his original featured characters.

Producer of Marguerite Site should make KAMINE Ayaka's mouth like "ω", typical style of the mouth of an animal, but he has not drawn such a mouth of any girls with animal ears, so he made slightly like "ω".

Also, Producer of Marguerite Site made KAMINE Ayaka's hands like a little animal standing with only hind legs.

Producer of Marguerite Site would have liked to make KAMINE Ayaka with rabbit-ears in the picture wear red color contact lens instead of her usual soft contact lens, but red contact lens may avoid to identify the girl in the picture as KAMINE Ayaka, so he did not make her wear red color lens but he drew her eyes navy blue and added soft contact lens as usual.

Producer thought that KAMINE Ayaka in the picture was a pet of Goda (剛田), a boyfriend of KAMINE Ayaka, sitting next to KAMINE Ayaka at the homeroom, rather than a girlfriend of him.