ICHINOSE Hana, a character of "Slow Start" (Mar. 1, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • ICHINOSE Hana (一之瀬花名), a character of Slow Start(スロウスタート), a manga by TOKUMI Yuiko (篤見唯子).

It is the first work of ICHINOSE Hana and Slow Start by Producer of Marguerite Site.

The image of "ICHINOSE Hana, a character of "Slow Start" (Mar.  1, 2018)".

It is of ICHINOSE Hana in the beginning of March, in early spring.

ICHINOSE Hana in the picture above is under branches of cherry in bloom and in a rape blossom field.

Producer of Marguerite Site mistakenly made ICHINOSE Hana's right hand finger her right eye, though perhaps she does not wear her contact lens.

But ICHINOSE Hana in the picture above has hay fever and itchy eyes, so she fingered her eye.

  • Producer of Marguerite Site does not have hay fever, but there are many person who have hay fever around him, and they are in slump due to hay fever in this season.

Producer of Marguerite Site would like to draw other characters of Slow Start.