KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, checking e-mail from Goda at the school library after school (June 15, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • KAMINE Ayaka (上根綾香), a character of Tsure×dure Children(徒然チルドレン), a series of manga by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya (若林稔弥).

It is a work of KAMINE Ayaka waiting for Goda (剛田), KAMINE Ayaka's boyfriend who sits next to her at the homeroom, with studying at the school library after school.

The image of 'KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, checking e-mail from Goda at the school library after school (June 15, 2018)'.

Since KAMINE Ayaka was told Goda's affection in the episode of I'm Looking You from Far Away (遠くから君を見てる), the twenty-sixth episode of Tsure × dure Children after she told her affection to him while she was finding her intentionally lost her contact lens together with him in Contact Lens (コンタクト), the sixteenth episode of the series, KAMINE Ayaka has always been home together with Goda after school.

Goda, however, has to train at his volleyball club until the evening everyday, while KAMINE Ayaka does not have her activity at her ta ceremony club everyday.

So KAMINE Ayaka has to wait for Goda at school after school, but she does not have anything to do at school after school, so she studies at the school library before Goda comes after his club activity.

KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above is now checking an e-mail from Goda after his club activity on her smartphone when she is studying at the school library in order to wait for him as usual.

KAMINE Ayaka will leave the school library for the front of the gym hall of school in order to meet Goda then they leave school for home together.

It is the standard of Producer of Marguerite Site that KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above is fingering her eye dried due to her contact lens.

  • If Goda preferred girls with eyeglasses, KAMINE Ayaka would throw her contact lens away then she would wear her eyeglasses instead, but WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, the author of Tsure × dure Children, has not drawn KAMINE ayaka with her eyeglasses for five years, since Contact Lens, the first episode of KAMINE Ayaka, released on June 15th, 2013, though some readers wanted to see KAMINE Ayaka with her eyeglasses.
  • KAMINE Ayaka's contact lens in the picture above are drawn so big, but KAMINE Ayaka has so big eyes that regular contact lens as large as fingertip is too small for her to optimize her eyesight.

    • Someone point out that Producer of Marguerite Site adds contact lens to KAMINE Ayaka's eyes; contact lens are not added to eyes of characters of manga and anime.