KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, in the Raining Morning of June together with TAKANO Chizuru (June 11, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • KAMINE Ayaka (上根綾香), a character of Tsure×dure Children(徒然チルドレン), a series of manga by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya (若林稔弥).
  • and TAKANO Chizuru (高野千鶴), also known as "Chiichan" (ちーちゃん), another main character of Tsure × dure Children and a classmate of KAMINE Ayaka.

It is a silent video of an animated image of KAMINE Ayaka and "Chiichan" going to school together in the raining morning of June, duriong tsuyu, a raining season of Japan.

Producer of Marguerite Site created the video due to "umbrella", a given subject on June 11th by pixiv, Japan's most popular illustration-sharing website.

Also, Producer of Marguerite Site would have liked to create a short animation video of both KAMINE Ayaka and "Chiichan", so he made the work as such an animated image.

Goda (剛田), KAMINE Ayaka's boyfriend who sits next to her has to go to school earlier than KAMINE Ayaka in order to train at his volleyball club. so she can not go to school together with him in the morning.

So KAMINE Ayaka has to go to school alone or together with other schoolgirls of her class in the morning.

KAMINE Ayaka in the video met "Chiichan" some minutes after she left home for school, and then now KAMINE Ayaka is going to school together with "Chiichan".

KAMINE Ayaka and "Chiichan" in the video are now waiting for the traffic sign at a crossing of roads.

It is a video of KAMINE Ayaka and "Chiichan" in June, there are blossoms of hydrangea, whose blossom is a symbol of June of Japan, behind them.

KAMINE Ayaka sits next to Goda, a member of volleyball club, at the home room, so Producer of Marguerite Site guesses that she is so tall among all schoolgirls of her class.

So he made KAMINE Ayaka be taller than "Chiichan" in the video.

Also, he made different frequency of blink of KAMINE Ayaka and "Chiichan", because KAMINE Ayaka is set that she usually wears her contact lens in the episode of Contact Lens (コンタクト), the sixteenth episode of Tsure × dure Children, while "Chiichan" is not set so.

  • "Chiichan" also wore her color contact lens at School Festival in November of 2017, but she does not usually wear her contact lens.
  • KAMINE Ayaka's eyes may look larger than TAKANO Chizuru's eyes in the video due to her soft contact lens added into her eyes, but they are same size as "Chiichan"'s.

Of course, it is the standard of Producer of Marguerite Site that KAMINE Ayaka in the video fingers her eyes dried due to her contact lens.