January 26, 2017(1)

Scribbling of HORIKITA Maki Usagi & Fumikochan, YAMASHITA Fumiko (Jan. 26, 2017)

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Here is an illustration of

  • HORIKITA Maki Usagi, a rabbit woman student with origin in HORIKITA Maki-chan, one of Japan's most popular young actresses and Producer's mai waifu,
  • and Fumikochan, YAMASHITA Fumiko, a woman student and a friend of HORIKITA Maki Usagi's,

one of Producer's original featured characters at a tea room in the afternoon of the end of January.

An image of HORIKITA Maki Usagi & Fumikochan, YAMASHITA Fumiko (Jan. 26, 2017).

HORIKITA Maki Usagi arrived at the tea room earlier that Fumikochan.

So HORIKITA Maki Usagi has been drinking a cup of coffee and has been waiting for Fumikochan.

Now Fumikochan arrives at the room, and HORKITA Maki Usagi is meeting her.

Producer of Marguerite Site has always make HORIKITA Maki Usagi drink Natchan!, one of Japan's most famous brand of soft drink whose ads HORIKITA Maki-chan, the model of HORIKITA Maki Usagi, had appeared, but he made HORIKITA Maki Usagi in the picture above drink a cup of coffee.