Scribbling of Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko, at classroom in January (Jan. 11, 2017)

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Here is an illustration of

one of Producer's original featured characters taking a lesson at her classroom of her school in the middle of January.

An image of Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko, at classroom in January (Jan. 11, 2017).

Producer of Marguerite Site wished to draw Norikochan looking yup, so he drew the work above.

Norikochan is so short and has so poor eyesight that she has to sit in the front of the classroom.

  • Indeed, Norikochan optimizes her eyesight with her high power contact lenses, so she can read the blackboard from the back of the classroom, but her height can not be optimized.

Norikochan is so short that she has to look up like the picture above, when she read the blackboard of the classroom.

Here is Norikochan, Yuchan & their Classmates Singing in Chorus in their School Festival, created in the end of last November.

Students' chorus is performed in school festivals of every junior high school in Japan, so he created this video.

It is of Norikochan, Yuchan and her classmates are performing a chorus at the festival.

Norikochan's school had been set as a co-educated school, but Producer of Marguerite Site changed to girls' school in the content year of 2015-2016, in the beginning of April of 2015.

  • He also changed the parent university from co-educated university to women's university at the same time.
  • Also, he cancelled some settings of some characters that some of them have boyfriends at the same class, including Yuchan.