HORIKITA Maki-chan Falling in Love.

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This is an illustration of HORIKITA Maki-chan (堀北真希ちゃん), one of Japan's most popular young actresses and mai waifu of Producer of Marguerite Site.

, one of the most popular amateur illustrator of "東方プロジェクト" (Touhou Project) created "東方恋するシリーズ" (Characters of Touhou Project Falling in love Series), a series of illustrations of characters of Touhou Project.

Producer of Marguerite Site drew HORIKITA Maki-chan Falling in love, a following illustration in imitation of ", one of the series, and then he created its silent anime version on March 9th, 2016; he added previous scenes to the original picture.

HORIKITA Maki (堀北真希) is one of Japan's most popular young actresses and she is Producer's mai waifu.

Of course he drew the picture above HORIKITA Maki-chan falling in love to him.