Scribbling of Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko & Aichan, IDE Manami in the snowing evening (Feb. 9, 2017)

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Here is an illustration of

both of Producer's original featured characters on their way to home in the snowing evening of the beginning of February.

The image of "Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko & Aichan, IDE Manami in the snowing evening (Feb.  9, 2017)".

Norikochan and Aichan are now on their way to home after cram school.

Norikochan usually wears her contact lenses, and her eyes becomes red.

On the other hand, Aichan also has poor eyesight but she wears her eyeglass only at class, so she is now without her eyeglasses.

The model of Aichan began to wear her contact lenses when she entered a senior high school, but she began to wear hard contact lenses; disposable soft contact lenses had not been invented yet at the time, and hard contact lenses were recommended.

Aichan's hard contact lenses were not fit to her eyes, so she abandoned to wear contact lenses at lase, then she began to wear her eyeglasses.

And it is why Producer of Marguerite Site set that Aichan was poor eyesight but she did not wear her contact lenses.

Here is one of special works of Norikochan and Aichan, Norikochan & Aichan in a Parallel World, created in July of 2016.

In the parallel world, Norikochan and Aichan are in the same private girls' junior high school and now they are going to school by train.

  • The uniform which Norikochan and Aichan wear is one of the model of Aichan in her senior high school days.