Scribbling of Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko & a classmate of hers in the afternon of August, during their summer vacation (Aug. 21, 2017)

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Here is an illustration of

in the afternoon of the end of August, also in the end of their summer vacation.

The image of "Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko & a classmate of hers in the afternon of August, during their summer vacation (Aug. 21, 2017)".

Norikochan does not have too go to school until the beginning of new school team after her summer vacation, so she is going out for playing with her plain cloth.

On the other hand, the classmate went to school for a club activity; she is in a tennis club of school.

  • Norikochan is a member of fine art club of school whose activities there are not during her summer vacation.

Of course, the classmate has her origin in a classmate of Producer of Marguerite Site's in his high school days.

Producer of Marguerite Site, however, set HORIKITA Maki Usagi as the main character of his stories, so he does not create less works of Norikochan at school.

And it is why he does not draw the classmate of Norikochan's.

Here is today's republished work, Norikochan & Yuchan at Dressing Room after Swimming Class at School, an illustration of Norikochan, KANZAKI Noriko, and Yuchan, NAKAMURA Yuko at school in summer drawn in September of 2014.

  • Norikochan's school uniform in the picture below was different from the current uniform in 2014.

Most schoolgirls in Norikochan and Yuchan's class wear contact lens, but there is only one washstand with a mirror at the dressing room, so there is a queue of schoolgirls who want to wear contact lens after a swimming lesson.

  • There is only Yuchan behind Norikochan wearing her contact lens at the washstand in the picture above, but there are many schoolgirls behind Yuchan, out of the picture.

The other schoolgirls, who wear eyeglasses or who do not wear eyeglasses nor contact lens, have already left the dressing room, but Yuchan and other schoolgirls have to wait for the washstand.