A scribbling of HORIKITA Maki Usagi & Fumikochan, YAMASHITA Fumiko (Apr. 27, 2016)

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It was not so fine weather in the City of Saitama, the residence of Producer of Marguerite Site, today, but it was so cool.

It was so fine yesterday but it was too hot for him.

Here is an illustration of

  • , a rabbit woman student with origin in HORIKITA Maki-chan, one of Japan's most popular young actresses and Producer's mai waifu,

one of Producer's original featured characters out of her campus in the afternoon of the end of April.

An image of HORIKITA Maki Usagi.

HORIKITA Maki Usagi is waiting for her friend with playing with her smartphone.

There are no suitable works related to the picture above, so he republishes a video of again.

Producer drew an illustration of HORIKITA Maki Usagi with wedding dress in 2008, because he remembered that HORIKITA Maki-chan had appeared an ad of wedding dress.

And he drew another illustration of HORIKITA Maki Usagi with a wedding dress in 2015, and then he created the movie based on the new picture.

HORIKITA Maki Usagi was asked to be a model of the wedding dress for ad posters and now she is being taken photographs with the dress.

As usual, HORIKITA Maki Usagi blinks too frequently due to her contact lenses, so she is told to stop blinking when she is taken a photo.

Also, the video has an extra clip of , Producer's another featured character with a wedding dress.