KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, in the morning of the middle of April (Apr. 16, 2018)

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Here is a hanken work of

  • KAMINE Ayaka (上根綾香), a character of Tsure×dure Children(徒然チルドレン), a series of manga by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya (若林稔弥).

It is the work of KAMINE Ayaka in the morning of the middle of April, trees of azalea in bloom.

The image of 'KAMINE Ayaka, a character of "Tsure×dure Children" by WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, in the morning of the middle of April (Apr. 16, 2018)'.

A series of Stories of KAMINE Ayaka and Goda (剛田), a boyfriend of KAMINE Ayaka, sitting next to KAMINE Ayaka at the homeroom, had already been discontinued in early April of 2018, so Producer of Marguerite Site now can draw KAMINE Ayaka without the settings that Goda is KAMINE Ayaka's boyfriend.

  • The first episode of KAMINE Ayaka and Goda was Contact Lens (コンタクト), the sixteenth episode published in June of 2013, so the series had been continued for as long as about five years.

Also, KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above may be before the episode of Contact Lens; KAMINE Ayaka may nat have any affection to Goda though she sits next to him at the homeroom.

Producer of Marguerite Site, however, made KAMINE Ayaka's hair like the original drawn in Contact Lens and I See You from Far Away (遠くから君を見てる), bunched navy long hair with a yellow hair band.

KAMINE Ayaka is waiting for a classmate of hers in front of a building; probably she waits for another schoolgirl, not Goda.

Of course, Producer of Marguerite Site made KAMINE Ayaka in the picture above finger her eye dried due to contact lens though less than an hour passed after she wore her contact lens.

One viewer of Tsure × dure Children said about KAMINE Ayaka that she should wear her eyeglasses rather than her contact lens, but WAKABAYASHI Toshiya, the author of Tsure × dure Children, had never made KAMINE Ayaka wear her eyeglasses for about five years since she appeared Contact Lens first.

WAKABAYASHI Toshiya may have forgotten the settings or may have discarded the settings that KAMINE AYaka has so poor eyesight that she has to wear her contact lens.

If WAKABAYASHI Toshiya had drew KAMINE Ayaka with her eyeglasses instead her contact lens officially, Producer of Marguerite Site would have liked to draw KAMINE Ayaka with her eyeglasses.

But Producer of Marguerite Site does not know what eyeglasses KAMINE Ayaka wears at home after school, so he did not.